How marketing automation can revolutionise your customer relationships? and your business

Today, more than ever before, customers have incredibly high expectations. Accustomed to receiving instant access to real-time data across their devices, they will very quickly discard a provider or brand that can’t keep up. As such, data and analytics is becoming increasingly essential in enabling businesses to determine exactly what customers want – and enabling them to modify their offering or behaviour accordingly. 

To meet customers’ expectations – both in the short and long term – businesses need to automate much of their marketing activity: providing highly targeted, responsive and accurate messages that are based on data, and which hone-in on customers’ individual needs. 

“Without a doubt it’s how a consumer feels and the type of experience they have when they interact with you that delivers on the performance of your organisation,” says Michael Patishman, Biztech’s CEO.

“By optimising and automating much of the online experience, brands can show customers they are valued and understood, which goes a long way in driving customer loyalty,” he adds. 

Here are three key ways in which automating your marketing via a solution such as Site Express could revolutionise your customer relationships… and your business.

1. Speed to market: publish much more content, much faster

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for businesses to have entire websites – or even a portion of a website - with ‘static’ pages; hard-coded content that would require the assistance of a technical expert to update (and which, subsequently, would usually remain static for a considerable length of time).

Today, this level of online publishing simply isn’t good enough. To stay relevant and current, brands need to be rapid – engaging customers through frequent and targeted cross-channel updates that provide valuable information.

By using the automated marketing tools in a solution such as Site Express, marketers can publish content quickly – across multiple sites and platforms – without requiring technical assistance or specialist training. 

ANZ bank, for instance, has rapidly sped up its time to market for new content since working with Biztech to implement Adobe Experience Manager a few years ago.  

“We used to have SLAs sometimes in the order of two to three weeks to take content from an idea to production,” says Chris Venter, ANZ’s General Manager of Consumer Digital.

“We have now brought that down to literally days, sometimes even hours where we can have an idea and have it in production and AB test and decide whether it’s something useful,” he says.  

2. Drive customer loyalty through understanding

To stay loyal to a brand, customers need to feel they are understood and that their needs are being met.

With a solution such as Site Express, marketers can use the data and analytics tools within Adobe Experience Manager to hone-in on individual customers, and then automatically serve those customers content that’s specifically relevant to their preferences and habits.

For instance, say a particular customer comes to a clothing brand’s website and clicks through to a pair of jeans. After spending a few minutes looking at the jeans and even adding them to her cart, the customer then leaves the website and doesn’t return. Depending on the metrics that the business has established within the content management system, it would then be possible to send the customer an automated email with the details of the jeans – reminding them of the potential purchase, or even offering them a discount if they purchase within a certain time period.

By closing the loop on transactions in this way, businesses can improve the likelihood of sales, as well as create stronger and more compelling band experiences.

3. Save time and free up your internal resources

Responding to the specific needs of individual customers on a manual basis takes considerable time and effort. However, when much of the grunt-work of your marketing activity is automated and based on data, you can free up your marketing team to think of new, valuable campaigns and initiatives that are more likely to drive additional revenue.

Two years ago, for instance, CBUS – Australia’s largest super fund for the building, construction and allied industries – engaged Biztech to implement Adobe Experience Manager. Since, one of the key benefits has been the improved efficiency of their internal teams. 

“We’re no longer spending time managing low complexity releases of content. The site is also now up and operational around the clock, meaning our technical resources aren’t spending time wondering why something isn’t working and going back and forward. Adobe Experience Manager has cut out a whole heap of noise that was adding no value and that was a real drag on the business. It just does what it’s supposed to do,” he says.

Little also estimates that, for the business’ platform manager, it’s reduced her workload by around 25-30% per week.   

Want to learn more?

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